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Key Information for Today’s Sellers

Here’s how our home-selling toolkit helps sellers get ready for the market.

Today’s market is unlike anything we’ve ever experienced, but especially within the last 20 years. As we all know, this unprecedented activity started due to the pandemic, but what is sustaining it is good old-fashioned capitalism. With people closing down major shops in New York and needing less square footage, they’re shrinking their footprint. That’s pushing people into re-suburbanization, and we may soon begin a new era in suburban real estate. In today’s discussion, I’ll walk you through our selling process, explain how our home-selling toolkit benefits you, and also touch on some of the other real estate topics that are on everyone’s minds. To learn what you need to know, watch our latest video above.

Beginners Guide to the Home-Selling Process

Beginners Guide to the Home-Buying Process

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